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Have you ever stopped to consider what the bible actually says about issues we face today?  Did you know the bible covers all the major issues facing today's generation?  Following is a brief summary of the biblical stance concerning today's issues.  It is my intention to update this page as I am able and to produce (in the future) a more in-depth study on each of the topics. Check back often for updates!

Where Does the Bible Stand on the Issues of Today?


The Word of God is STRICTLY and EXPLICITLY opposed to ANY union, that is outside God’s defined definition of marriage.  This includes but is not limited to Homosexual or Lesbian Unions and extends to “common law” marriages (what the church calls “shacking up” or “living together”)  Since God is the one who instituted marriage in the first place and since God defines HIS requirements for marriage, the church MUST oppose any “union” that violates the Biblical Grounds for marriage.

The Bible is also against divorce but permits it under certain circumstances and with strict guidelines afterward.  See the teaching on this site concerning Divorce and Remarriage for more details.


The Bible doesn’t mention anything about cloning, however, it does tell of  the reproductive process and in may placed speaks of women passing the “flower” of her age and the “seed” of men.  Cloning is NOT a natural reproductive process and is in fact, Men attempting to bring to themselves “creative powers of life”.  This is NOT in any form or fashion against artificial insemination where the man and woman are BOTH married to each other. 


The Bible clearly tells us that the LIFE OF THE FLESH IS IN THE BLOOD.  Since the Blood is immediately present in the union of male and female cells, we understand that Life begins at conception.  The Word of God does not support Abortion for any reason, including the commonly given reason “when the life of the Mother is in danger”.  The truth of the abortion matter is that Abortion is being used as a means of birth control to cover up sin.  The church today MUST stand against abortion at all costs.   

Government Vouchers: 

This is not a biblical issue and as such, one is free to decide for themselves.

 Social Security: 

Again, this is another area that is not a biblical issue. 


Obviously, morality is lacking in every case of obscenity. 

Webster’s Dictionary says: 

Main Entry: ob·scene
Pronunciation: äb-'sEn, &b-
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle French, from Latin obscenus, obscaenus
1 : disgusting to the senses : REPULSIVE
2 a : abhorrent to morality or virtue; specifically : designed to incite to lust or depravity  b : containing or being language regarded as taboo in polite usage <obscene lyrics> c : repulsive by reason of crass disregard of moral or ethical principles <an obscene misuse of power> d : so excessive as to be offensive <obscene wealth> <obscene waste>

Pornography and lewd behavior is not acceptable in ANY life, especially the Christian one.  This could go as far as saying that ANY foul mouthed cursing is “obscene”.  If you’re having a problem with foul language (and this includes street slang), why don’t you try something new?   Get yourself a Thesaurus and a Dictionary and increase your vocabulary.  

Health Insurance: 

Though the bible supports helping your brother in need as a good Samaritan would, the issue at hand (that of health insurance) is not one of which the bible speaks.  


The bible very clearly states:  A man that Won’t work, should not eat.  There is a vast difference between Won’t and Can’t.  The church should encourage all able bodied people everywhere to work and to provide for themselves, not sit around and collect handouts.   On the other hand, the church should be ready, willing and able to help those who CANNOT work.


Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s!  If you don't like it that way, then either change the law of face the consequences of breaking that law.  It's YOUR choice.  Yes, I agree taxes may be excessive, but you still have a moral, godly and legal obligation to give to Caesar that which is Caesar's. 

Illegal Aliens: 

This is not a Biblical issue, except in the Old Testament which tells us when a stranger comes into the house (or to be joined with the nation of Israel), then he is to be treated well and IF he wishes to be joined to the country, then he MUST learn the customs, ways, and lifestyles of the Israelites.  This was not man’s command, but God’s.   The same "moral" principle applies today.

Parental Consent: 

A child in the bible was not considered an Adult and capable of making their own decisions UNTIL THEY MOVED AND LEFT THEIR FATHER’S HOUSE.  (It didn’t matter if they were 40 years old...they were not afforded Adult status until they LEFT).  As such, according to the Word of God, they were to obey the rules set forth by the Father of the House.  A child has EVERY REASONABLE expectation and RESPONSIBILITY to OBEY their parents and to HONOR them and their wishes.  Any other view is a violation of the 5th Commandment and is in fact, REBELLION.

Gambling and the Lottery: 

State Sponsored Gambling?  Is this being a good steward?   Since God owns ALL Things, he also requires us to give an account of how we use the tools he give us.  Money is a tool and therefore requires that a steward be found faithful and that a steward gives a good account of how he uses God’s money.  You decide for yourself if you believe it is a good use of God’s money to gamble.

Death Penalty

You must decide for yourself.  The bible is very clear that there is a penalty for sin.  The bible is also clear that all MORAL law has not been eradicated.  If you get a speeding ticket, should you pay a penalty?  How much more is a life worth than a violation of motor vehicle laws?  Let me put it this way, without getting into the biblical teaching of it.  You and I have a responsibility to ensure the safety and well being of those under our care and those around us.  Would YOU want a murder living next to you?  How about living in your home, your neighborhood?  I personally do not want either.  The Word of God states that NO murderer has eternal life abiding in him. (Those who have truly repented and have changed are of course, excepted) 

In the case of the death penalty, we have a duty to obey the laws of the government under which we live.  It is therefore not YOU, but the government who has judged and assessed the sentence.

Sex Education:   

The issue at hand is not whether children should be taught about sex.  The issue that arises today is whether abstinence should be taught.  I believe the bible is very clear on this.  Fornication is forbidden in any circumstance.  Not only are there spiritual penalties, but there are also, in today’s world, physical penalties.  Just ask any young person who has contracted AIDS, Hepatitis C or some other disease.  Abstinence should absolutely be taught and it should be adhered to until after marriage.  There is no other position supported by the Word of God. 


The bible expressly prohibits drunkenness.  The best policy for the church to stand on when it comes to alcohol is ABSTINENCE from any form of it.   Allow me to ask you a few questions concerning the drinking of alcoholic beverages:    Is it a good Christian testimony for you to sit in a bar, have a few drinks and try to lead someone into a HOLY, Righteous life?  Is it "ok"  to get drunk with the guys all in the name of "fun" and excuse the behavior because you claim to be saved?   Is it ok to have a few, get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and then drive on the roads with other vehicles that contain innocent children?  Is it responsible to do this?  Are you being a good watchman for your neighbor?  Are you watching for your neighbor’s welfare?  Probably not. 


Today's church people have a pill for everything, even to the extent that they are addicted to prescription drugs.  I know several who testify that they couldn't "function" or have a "normal" life without their little pill (or two or three).  It matters little how you look at it:  the church of the Living God has NO business seeking psychosomatic drugs of any kind.  If you need your "mood" or your "mind" altered just to function, then may I boldly submit to you that you don't need a pill, you need Jesus.   Do  you mean to say you have the "mind of Christ" while you're doping yourself up on your drugs, prescription or otherwise?  I think not.


 The issue here is should a parent be required to testify against their minor child.  What is truth?  If you hide the truth and you know your child is guilty, are you doing him a favor by covering up his guilt?  Suppose he murders your wife or your husband and you KNEW it.  Would you testify against him (or her), or would you let them go free?  Is that honest?  Is it Godly to do this?  It would do you well to read God’s rules for things like this.  Even though parents love their children very much, it was often required that a parent bring their children before the elders for discipline.

Remember:  Check back often.   When you see the bold typed items in Maroon and Underlined, then you may click them to study the matter a bit further.  The teaching will also, of course, be placed on the main directory page.






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