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The Elijah Project is a site dedicated to one purpose: Sound Biblical Teaching. Some people will agree, some will disagree. Some people will like it, some will hate it so badly they can't stand to hear the name of the site. In either case, allow me to issue one challenge to everyone: With any teaching you find here, become a Berean Christian: STUDY the matter for yourself to see if this is exactly what the bible says.
 As you navigate this site, you'll find that the teaching isn't often in agreement with much of the teaching and preaching (if you wish to call it that) found on television and radio today. To put it very bluntly: The "name it and claim it" gospel is a false gospel. It is in fact "another gospel": it is a gospel of covetousness! Most of the teaching you will find here is, by today's standards, quite "old fashioned". The simple truth of the entire matter is this: If the teaching is not directly from the bible, it's worthless. If your personal belief, your doctrine, your understanding is not from the Word of the Living God; if it's not "line upon line and precept upon precept, it is likewise: worthless.

"For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?"


 [Matthew 16:26]

There will be those who will not accept the clear teaching of scripture no matter what is taught or presented for review. These are the ones who will wrestle with the scriptures to their own destruction. Some will cling to momma's or daddy's teaching or perhaps to "papaw's" teaching (no matter how wrong or how false it may be), simply because they refuse to believe those people could have been wrong. Other people will hold to their tradition regardless of whether it is biblical or not.
 What kind of Christian are you? Will you read the Word of God? Will you study the Word of God? Will you believe the ENTIRE Word of God? Will you grow to the point in your walk with Christ that you will begin to understand spiritual things, or will you reject the deep matters because they are uncomfortable for you? Will you be one that can present 3 or 4 simple passages of scriptures to prove your point while overlooking hundreds of others (you would be shocked at how some reject scripture in order to support their personal view with only a handful of "pet" passages)?

"And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:."

 [1 Corinthians 2:4]

Regardless of your attitude or approach to the Bible, there are several infallible, unchangeable facts:

The Word of God is True: ALL of it! 

The Word of God is infallible. If you don't understand a portion of scripture, it is not the bible that is at fault, it is either your personal comprehension and understanding that is at fault OR you have failed to reconcile scripture with scripture.

ALL scripture is profitable for us: Both Old and New Testaments.

ALL scripture is important to us: from Genesis to Revelation.

The Word of God is not written as a textbook from which you can learn 2+2 and progress to Calculus by reading book by book. It also is not possible to gather all necessary scriptures that pertain to your personal walk with Christ by reading a few chapters straight through. The Word of God is exactly as was written in Isaiah: It is presented as LINE UPON LINE and PRECEPT UPON PRECEPT. A little is presented here and a little is presented there from BOTH the Old Testament and the New Testament! This is properly termed: "Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth".

Not every matter of understanding or teaching is a Salvation Issue! There are many beliefs about certain issues that have nothing to do with salvation. (For example: do you believe in a rapture? Pre, Mid, or Post Tribulation? It is simply not a salvation issue, unless you aren't ready when Jesus comes.)

Without Jesus, it doesn't matter what you believe, you're lost anyway.

Without holiness, you'll never see God.

Sound doctrine is not based upon feeling, personal perception or any other humanistic element: Sound doctrine is based solely and purely on the written, unadulterated, Word of God.

It is the sincere desire of The Elijah Project that you will not only read the teaching, but that you will Study the Word of God for yourself. If any of the teaching presented on this site "provokes you to study" your Bible for yourself, then the goal has been accomplished. That's exactly what I have intended to do.

You may not agree with every teaching found on this site, but one thing is certain: You will have to study it for yourself to learn:

1. WHAT you believe.

2. WHY you believe it that way.

3. WHERE your beliefs are found in the Word of God.  

Thanks for visiting The Elijah Project. I hope you come back soon. 

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